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Grab-N-Go Fire Starter Cups

Grab-N-Go Fire Starter Cups

SKU: 0380

Our best Fire Starter Cups yet! Packed with lots of recycled bees wax and sawdust into an egg carton cup with the ability to start your campfire, wood stove, fire place or BBQ.

All recycled wax, sawdust and egg carton cups will burn 20-25+ minutes and are very easy to light.

A box of 50 will light every time under wet or dry conditions as the sawdust on each cup is coated with wax.

Put one in the middle of your fire wood or briquettes and watch it go to work. The large amount of wax will burn and spread through out the fire wood with flames going upward for an excellent fire.

Made in the USA by American Veterans.

Over 83,000 fire starter cups sold to date!

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