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"The Original" Grab-N-Go Fire Starter Cups

"The Original" Grab-N-Go Fire Starter Cups

SKU: 0377

This is a bulk box of 100 Grab-N-Go Fire Starter Cups.


All Fire Starter Cups are Made In The USA by American Veterans.


Each Fire Starter Cup will contain lots of sawdust and plenty of wax put into an egg carton cup. They are packed with recycled sawdust & recycled wax with no chemicals or any additives.


The sawdust that we use was once being thrown away into the woods. Now it is lighting campfires around the USA.


The wax comes from a candle maker who was also throwing away their wax that they had no use for. Into the garbage it used to go. Now combined with the sawdust it is lighting fires both in wood stoves and campfires around this great nation of ours, the USA!


Use one fire starter cup to light your fire instead of paper or a lot of kindling. Each fire starter cup will burn for approx. 20-25+ minutes with some going longer and some possibly will go a little less.

Over 83,000 fire starter cups sold to date.

  • Return Policy

    Going on 6 years of making and selling our branded Grad-N-Go Fire Starter Cups we have never encountered an issue with the performance of any Fire Starter Cup.

    Contact Craig our President/CEO with any issues.

  • Shipping

    Not much to say about shipping.

    All Fire Starter Cups will arrive in a box of a size appropriate to the quantity that you order. A big brown box or a smaller brown box.

    Quite simple. Nice and easy.

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