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Made in the USA by American Veterans

A safe and easy way to start any fire!

Easily start your fire using no kindling, no newspaper, or flammable fluids.

Eco-friendly and environmentally safe. 

Each one of our fire starter cups contains lots of discarded and recycled wax and sawdust.  The egg carton cups are packed full and will burn 15-20 minutes under almost all-weather conditions.

Excellent for woodstoves, fireplaces, barbecues, fire pits, camping, hunting, or backpacking. Travels well in your backpack or one of your pockets.

Great for seniors or those who have a hard time starting their wood stove or fireplace using newspapers and or kindling. 

How about this:

Lights fast – ignites easily – portable, lightweight and waterproof – nontoxic eco-friendly materials

Best of all:

All recycled materials – no more kindling – no more newspapers – only one fire starter cup required to start your fire – 20 to 25 minutes or more minutes burn time for each cup. 

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