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It's Not About Us

It's All About Our Hero Veterans

Veterans Camp America, llc, founded in 2017, is in the business of creating a one of a kind state by state book series titled, "Disabled American Veterans Camping America's State Park Campgrounds." The focus is on ADA Compliant campsites and the vast amount of opportunities that are available for our Disabled Veterans.

Our Goal and Mission is to get our great Disabled American Veterans and Veterans alike off the couch and outdoors to feel alive and be healthy. If you are a disabled veteran or a veteran and have camped in a New Hampshire State Park or a private campground in this state, we would like to hear from you. Let us know if you are interested in telling us your story and being presented in our book.

Currently we sell our branded "Grab-N-Go Fire Starter Cups" to fund the book series.

Our Fire Starter Cups are loaded with enough material for you to get a really good fire started using only one at a time.

If you camped in any of New Hampshire's State Park campgrounds or a vast number of private campgrounds in New Hampshire during the past three camping seasons and bought fire starters, you may very well have bought one of ours. They really work and you will find nothing like it for the price anywhere!

Founder and current President/CEO, D. Craig Porath, US Army,

1969-71, 26V, served 3 years and had the opportunity to visit "The Vacation Land of Southeast Asia" for a very eventful one year tour, in the Republic of South Vietnam. I like to call it my college education. War sucks, but just like now, we had to do what we had to do. 

In the picture I'm getting a medal from a general for doing something. Those were the days.

Anyone who has given any amount of their life to serve time for their country is MY HERO. Let's give RESPECT to those who are serving and those who have served.


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